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The Black Man in America 2013

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The Black man in America has systematically been discriminated against in all facets of life. His kidnapping and arrival in North America in 1609 has been quite the roller coaster of pain, struggle and continued struggle. To date Black/African Americans do NOT have a Constitutional right to vote.

In 2008 the United States Congress apologized to Black/African Americans for the institution of slavery (246 years) and Jim Crow from 1865 until 1965. Please click below link:

What's the blowback for such an action? Why wont America at least give Blacks free college seeing they didn't allow our ancestors the ability to read? Why wont America at least give us 40 acres and a mule they promised but reneged on? To date we still don't have Black/African American CEO's leading major Corporations in comparison to our White counterparts. Sure, there maybe seven Black/African American CEO's out of five hundred White CEO's leading major Corporations.

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A Black man in America is going to hit the glass ceiling as he attempt to climb the corporate ladder. Since 1963-65 the only thing that has changed is the fact Blacks can now eat at White lunch counters, play in White parks and attend the same schools as Whites. Besides that nothing has really changed. Blacks are still disenfranchised and locked out of high paying jobs and contracts.

In 2009 the United States Senate apologized for Black/African American Slavery, Jim Crow laws and the effects it had/has on Blacks to this day. What effects were they apologizing for? The fact that Black communities has legally been locked out of the American mainstream relative to jobs and freedom? Doubt it not! Please click below link:

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Blacks were legally and systemically locked out, then our communities were feed crack cocaine as a sideshow to fund the Contras while simultaneously keeping us doped up We all know when poor people can't find jobs they turn to drugs to ease their pain. Please click below link:

In the 1980's Black men became multimillionaires selling crack cocaine, yet they didn't have the foresight to see they were poisoning their communities and creating crack babies all thanks to the Reagan Administration and the CIA.

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Sure we've had individual successes, but as a whole Blacks are still locked out and now locked up in record breaking numbers in the NEW JIM CROW, the Penitentiary! Without the assistance of loving, freethinking, White liberals assisting Blacks in fighting for our freedom we'd still be a segregated Nation.

Still to this day I'm followed around stores, when White people in Oak Park, IL see me they cringe as if my people enslaved their people, I'm still discriminated against relative to housing and employment, I'm pulled over when driving in various suburbs in Illinois, etc., etc., etc., but yet THEY wanna label me an angry Black man? Nigga please!

Who do I blame for a 15 year old selling crack cocaine on the corner? Do I blame his dad who was caught up in President Ronald Reagan and the CIA sponsored crack cocaine scheme? Do I blame his mom who in her blood has traces of rape from the PLAN-tation? Or do I blame a legal system designed to keep his people down and out since 1609?

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This is science...political science. This is physics...metaphysics. This is an institution...slave institution. This is the blowback of America's sins. This is Hip-Hop which is the voice of rebellious youth whose souls are possessed by the ancients crying from the Atlantic Ocean and the Mississippi River... Strange Fruit hanging from trees.

This is the alive and well since 1865! Black President more Black problems as confused, misled Whites continue to join hate groups. This is not a post racial America, but an America that is still childish, ignorant and segregated!

written by; jim allen