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Ira Acree for NAACP President!

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The NAACP is currently looking for their next national President after the resignation of Ben Todd Jealous effective December 31, 2013. In Chicago we believe the choice is clear...we stand behind Rev. Ira Acree, Pastor of Greater Saint John Bible Church. Reverend Acree has labored for years in some of Chicago's roughest neighborhoods and communities.

(left to right)
Rev. Al Sharpton & Rev. Ira Acree

 He has the respect of City, County and State social, educational, economical, legal and political leaders. He's a well established religious leader as well. A man who isn't afraid to stand alone even if that means being alienated by others. A true leader in every sense of the word.

I'm asking my over 280,000 viewers in Chicago and around the globe to contact the NAACP
Roslyn Brock, Board Chairman

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"Tell them we are in
full support of
Rev. Ira Acree as
the next national NAACP

Be sure to sign the petition for Rev. Ira Acree to be our next national NAACP President by clicking the below LINK:

visit Rev. Ira Acree's Church website.