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Boycott the Chicago Sun-Times & BGA!

A recent article written by Andy Shaw, President of the Better Government Association has surfaced attempting to link Terry Peterson (CTA Chairman) and Larry Huggins (Riteway-Huggins Construction) to violence in Chicago. Click below LINK:

The article is so stupid and way off base to the degree I can't believe I'm actually responding to it. Basically Mr. Shaw is somehow suggesting because certain Black leaders supported Larry Hoover (Chairman of the Gangster Disciples NOW Growth and Development) almost 20 years ago relative to him being released from prison is somehow still connected to Larry Hoover's organization?

Total madness! Mr. Terry Peterson has been an outstanding public official for decades. Mr. Larry Huggins is trying to provide construction jobs for at-risk youth. I say 'trying' because Blacks receive roughly 5% of construction contracts in Illinois.

"...When was the last time the Chicago Sun-Times told a 
positive story about Black Chicago?! 
You're better off buying the Chicago Defender!"

So what's your real INTENTION and MOTIVATION Mr. Shaw?! Why are you rehashing a situation that happened almost 20 years ago? Sounds like RACISM and not journalism to me sir! An attempt to display Black Chicago professionals i.e. Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., Larry Huggins and Terry Peterson as street thugs! Its interesting because the Chicago Sun-Times is known for shining a special light on crime in Black Chicago.
Nevertheless, I'm reminded of the late great United States Senator Robert Byrd (1917 - 2010) of West Virginia who once was a member of the KKK; nevertheless, history doesn't judge him by his past but rather by his future. People change Mr. Shaw! Rehashing the past the way you did in the above article is disingenuous and divisive. You should be ashamed of yourself and your goofy reporting in the above article.

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