Chicago (Emerging Talent) Miranda Gonzalez

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Born in Dover, Delaware raised in the great City and State of Las Vegas, Nevada...Miranda Gonzalez has overcome amazing odds. At age 11 she was raped by boys in her neighborhood. She left home at age 17 and suffered abuse and homelessness. She was gang affiliated with the notorious Bloods street gang. Miranda was also an exotic private dancer, yet she isn't bitter about her past.

Miranda was bullied in High School, yet through sports she found an outlet to soothe her pain. Miranda played point guard as a freshman playing on the varsity basketball level and received a scholarship. Headed for college (North Carolina State) she got derailed by having a child at age 18. They say jealousy is as cruel as the grave which explains why Miranda Gonzalez has been rejected by many (especially women) due to her amazing beauty and loving spirit.

Miranda Gonzalez turned her PAIN into PURPOSE by becoming a licensed addictions specialist, domestic violence advocate, she's also an actress, educator, mentor, volunteer (North Lawndale), community outreach worker, minister/prophetess and radio personality. Ms. Gonzalez attended Malcolm X College and Kennedy King College of Radio for media, drama and communications. She has reached THOUSANDS around the world via social media and her radio commentary.

"...Miranda is a Cancer survivor
and member of the great New Life Church
under the Leadership of Pastor John Hannah".

Her heart bleeds youth/young adult ministry as she heals the broken hearted through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her gift has brought mental, spiritual and emotional healing to many fatherless and broken men. She has traveled the United States of America as a Missionary and Motivational Speaker to Churches and Denominations. She's also an awesome mother of 3 children and member of the great ΦΘΚ organization.

"Her work as a HIV educator, tester, and facilitator for 
gay men ages 18 - 24 is simply amazing!" 

There's no stopping or boxing in Miranda "World Changer" Gonzalez, she's an in demand Gospel and Secular Radio personality and Motivational Speaker with a broad knowledge of many topics. Chicago is blessed to have her here as one of its shining STARS! Be sure to follow Miranda Gonzalez by clinking the below LINKS:

"...Miranda Gonzalez has been
deemed the next Oprah"

written by jim allen
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