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Miriam Carey

On October 3, 2013 a beautiful young 34 year old woman was brutally murdered by US Capitol police as she battled a mental condition while driving her car the wrong way near the US Capitol. As screams and guns were drawn in her face I'm pretty sure she freaked out and tried to drive away from the scene.

We now learn Miriam Carey suffered from metal illness and postpartum depression. Its possible Miriam Carey could have suffered a mental breakdown which lead to her reckless driving and untimely demise. Many in the African American community suffer from mental illness and bipolarism. Click below LINK:

Take former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., his mental illness caused him to do irrational things leading to jail time for him and his wife of whom thought he was mentally stable. The face of mental illness isn't always clear to see. Miriam Carey was a smart woman, had a great job...a Dental Hygienist makes around $41 an hour, roughly 61K - 76K yearly.

My daughter had no history of violence said Idella Carey! Did she deserve to be killed as if she was some sort of terrorist?

"...If she was other than Black would police have shot her tires flat and then negotiated with her relative to her exiting her vehicle safely? Didn't police see she didn't physically fit the description of a terrorist or some type of threat, or were they so pissed off they're working without pay they decided to fill her body with bullets?"

This happens all the time in Chicago! Police use excessive force and have killed many children who they deemed a threat and had a gun...turns out the poor kid had a brush or cell phone in his hand while trying to make it home from buying some Uncle Remus Chicken! But who cares about Black life?

Do you have a clue what it's like dealing with someone who has mental illness? They can have up to several personalities. One minute they're smart as a whip, next minute they can't tell you their name, colors, or dates. They are easily swayed by public opinion and greatly attempts to fit into society by going along with public perception. The free radicals in their brain causes them to routinely make bad decisions and mistakes. Their logic isn't always sensible.

60 Minutes did a special over the weekend on Cook County Jail as having the largest population of the mentally ill in the Nation. In other words the Government wont fund programs for the mentally ill yet they'll fund to lock em' up in prison. Click below LINK:

There needs to be an investigation relatively to was deadly force necessary in this case? This seems to be an over reaction to all the silliness going on in Washington! The Government shutdown! US Capitol Hill cops working without pay! Anger and frustration! Having a mental breakdown driving while Black and ending up DEAD!

jim allen