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The SECRETS of African American Freedom

Federick Douglas
Grandfather of Civil Rights in North America &
Grandmaster Architect of African American Freedom

Do you suppose the freedom of African Americans was some lucky accident? Surly you couldn't be so naïve. There have always been abolitionists Black and White advocating for the freedom of an oppressed people in America known by various names: Nigger, Black, Colored, Afro-American, African American.

Of course by now you know in 2008 the US Congress apologized for African American Slavery, the US Senate apologized for African American Slavery and the effects of Jim Crow in 2009, but before the apologies of the 21st Century we must clairvoyance back in time where we meet one Federick Douglas.

Among the many things Mr. Douglas accomplished one of his accomplishments was influencing President Abraham Lincoln a man who once told Douglas "the only way for your people and my people to get alone is for your people to go back to Africa", thus the Country Liberia was founded; however, it was Federick Douglas working the conscious of President Lincoln into drafting the EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION.

Federick Douglas was a man of tremendous courage, even the slave-breaker Edward Covey couldn't break Douglas into excepting being a slave. Douglas and Covey ended up in a fist fight and young Douglas prevailed. Its interesting, because Donald Rumsfeld former US Secretary of Defense now owns a vacation home where slaves were sent to be broken by their masters, in short, Mr. Rumsfeld own Edward Covey's old slave breaking home.

The initiation Federick Douglas endured relative to slavery gave him a deeper understanding into the light of darkness that covered the minds of those according to Human Rights illegally possessed humans as slaves against their will and destiny. Douglas became a mighty man in America, Africa and Europe. As he travelled he learned various secrets along the way. Those secrets were then guarded and given to those deemed for leadership in a World that despised the Souls of Black Folk.

After the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, Federick Douglas had to deal with President Andrew Johnson who didn't see the needs of improving the lives of Black people but rather putting them under the dominion of White people. Click below LINK:

"once again, Federick Douglas prevails!"

By the time Federick Douglas dies he's well educated, travelled, connected and initiated. At the time of Douglas's death Carter G. Woodson is 20 years old. W.E.B DuBois is 27 years old. George Washington Carver is 31 years old. Booker T. Washington is 39 years old. These men were given the "Royal Secret and Torch" from the Grandfather of Civil Rights Federick Douglas. It's important to note the above named didn't always agree with one another.

W.E.B. DuBois one of the greatest African American scholars and sociologist became the custodian of the "Royal Secret" and before his death in Ghana (1963) had already initiated various one's into the knowledge of "the SECRETS of African American Freedom". The secrets were given to Oscar De Priest, A. Philip Randolph, Martin Luther King Jr, Whitney Young, Harry Belafonte, Thurgood Marshall, Julian Bond, Andrew Young, John Lewis, Jesse L. Jackson and a few others.

These TOP SECRETS are hidden in various private Black fraternities and sororities. They are hidden in various public social organizations such as: Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Rainbow Push Coalition, National Action Network and the NAACP!

DuBois breaks from his original notion of a Talented Tenth and expands to a Talented One Hundredth, which is the root organizing philosophy of 100 Black Men organization. Please click below LINK:

Are you ready to receive the "Royal Secrets", do you have what it takes to endure pressure and to peaceably fight against unfairness and injustice? Have you positioned yourself? You must SERVE in one of the above private /or/ public organizations in order to get started!

"...The work goes on, the cause endures,
the hope still lives and the dream shall never die"

written by: jim allen