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Who Are The African American "FOUNDING FATHERS?"

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Of course we know America's "Founding Fathers", but who are the African American "Founding Fathers?" This is important to know simply because the African American narrative is quite different then any other Race, Creed or Nationality in America. 

Crispus Attucks
1723 - 1770 

African Americans by LAW were discriminated against for CENTURIES! The American Revolution of which the first person to die for was African American (Crispus Attucks) yet after the American Revolution African Americans were still slaves. 

"..Remember, this is African American history...not African history. 
We are focusing on African American 'Founding Fathers' only"

Benjamin Banneker 
1731 - 1806

Tha Movement University is working with several institutions and various individuals in naming and creating a document as well as paintings of our African American "Founding Fathers". These documents, paintings and pictures will be in our homes, churches, schools, businesses, etc., in a show of pride for our ancestor who diligently fought for Freedom and Civil Rights. 

Richard Allen
1760 - 1831

Please be sure to check the below LINKS: 

Prince Hall 
1735 - 1807 

Frederick Douglas 
1818 - 1895 

Organized By:
Jim Allen, Master Mason