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Chicago Pastors' and SUICIDE

Pastor Teddy Parker Jr.,
and Family

written by: jim allen click below LINK

Suicide- the act of killing oneself on purpose (Webster's New World Dictionary)

On November 10, 2013 Teddy Parker Jr., Pastor of Bibb Mount Zion Baptist Church took his own life. According to reports he sent his family ahead of him to church, then shot himself. His body was found in his driveway. The World Wide Web has been ablaze relative to the issue of suicide as it relates to Heaven and Hell.

Many Conservative Christians has written Pastor Parker off and have played GOD by putting him in Hell via their misinterpretation of scriptures. Of course suicide isn't something I promote as a solution; however, only GOD has the last say no matter how we die.

"...Even though he took his life, Pastor Teddy Parker Jr.,
remains a champion of HOPE thwarts depression and
mental illness simply by the fact he could of killed
his wife and children before he killed himself, but he didn't!".

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The most thankless job in America is being a Pastor and with the explosion of the Cable TV Reality Show Preachers of LA - Pastors and preachers continue to be demonized and ostracized. There are 3 professions in America that has the highest suicide rates: Preachers, Lawyers and Physicians.

Lest we forget the drug overdose of Pastor Zachery Tims, Jr., in each cases we see gifted, young, handsome, strong and intelligent men, yet battling mental and spiritual demons. Its important to note suicide isn't just physical. There are many who have committed suicide mentally and spiritually, they are the living dead who can careless about themselves or others. In Chicago there are many young men and women who have committed mental suicide which is why violence is so high because the conscious of a generation has been self inflicted by poverty, disenfranchisement and fatherlessness.

The plate of a GOOD Pastor is always full. S/he is bombarded with the problems of their parishioners and their personal problems as well. Pastors are sometimes charged of not caring enough for their flocks, then when they go home they're charged with not spending enough time with their families. Its tremendous pressure on all sides. They have to give a sense of stability even though they feel their souls slipping away.

"I haven't made love to my wife in nine months, can't pinpoint why? My children are rebelling. My daughter is pregnant and not married. My son can't seem to keep his pants up. I'm on the brink of having an affair. How can I convince members the importance of paying their tithes and offerings? The strain of striving for higher position in my denomination. My wife wants a $75,000 Lexus for her birthday. Keeping up with personal insurance for the family. Church foreclosure, loans, debt, pressure..."

Another thing to look at is the culture of Black men. For Black men its not manly to be gay, to ask for help, to be broken. Many men, and Black men in particular are broken and have been broken since daddy left mommy and never re-entered their lives. We have Black men in our Churches well dressed, smelling good, looking like a picture of perfection, nevertheless, deep within they are broken.

Black men (not all) simply do not believe in counseling nor do Black men accept the fact they might be suffering from depression or bipolar disorder. They'd rather allow ego and a macho attitude to overpower clinical or spiritual diagnosis and treatment. Most Black men aren't whole, but in a World where Governments shutdown and tsunamis wipe out tens of thousands of people at one time, I guess the entire World needs to be made whole? Being whole doesn't mean ONE is perfect, but ONE has the tools to: manage, deal and cope with life's situations.

"Never allow your passion to consume you!"

At the end of the day we're all human. We have emotions, and even the brightest of us have made gross decisions and mistakes. World Governments have murdered millions based on reasonable doubt not absolute truth. As we evolve relative to mental paradigm shiftings: Slavery, Jim Crow, Civil Rights, Women's Rights, Gay Rights,  Immigrant Rights, Human Rights may we embrace those who fight for us no matter their intention and motivations.

May we embrace through candid love our Public Servants, and in particular our Pastors' on the front lines. Call your Pastor. Email your Pastor. Tell your Pastor you love him/her. Support your Pastor as much as you can.

Every Church has an ANGEL in it. The ANGEL is the PASTOR (Revelation 1:20) when Pastors' realize GOD views them as ANGELS over his flock they will truly begin to give their problems and the flock's problems to GOD (Jeremiah 3:15).

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