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Chicago's Youth Leadership Ages 13 - 40

Jim Allen

There's a growing disenchantment among Chicago's youth leadership ages 13 - 40 as it relates to taking more serious roles within various neighborhoods and communities. This particular age bracket has become frustrated with Elder leadership and has made claims of being restricted, restrained, ignored and alienated. Youth leadership has taken its plight to social media blasting Elder leadership as being out of touch with Generation X and the Millennial Generation.

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"...However, youth leadership fails to
realize several important factors."

My service begin under the tutelage of the late great Rev. Rosetta Henry in 1996. Under her leadership I was elected youth president of Lawndale Gardens complex (1996-98) I was also recognized by the Chicago Housing Authority for my service as youth president and community activism. The point I'm making is youth leadership must understand the importance of SERVICE!

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Every great leader served rather in the Abolitionist Movement, Civil Rights Movement, Women's Rights Movement, Gay Rights Movement or Immigrant Rights Movement. Even the great Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., served in SCLC. Youth leadership ages 13 - 40 must serve in various social organizations: NAACP, SCLC, Rainbow Push Coalition, Urban League, National Action Network, ETC...

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Before he become President of the United States of America, Barack Obama served as community organizer. Serving means to participate, pay dues and remain involved. Serving means waiting your turn. Youth leadership ages 13 - 40 if you're not apart of any social, recreational or religious organization you can forget about receiving any leadership role of prominence. Power is taken, however, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Leadership is passed down! You must align yourself to receive leadership. You must receive the anointing and blessings of the village Elders' in order to effectively lead. You must endure your rites of passage, your initiation of service in order to serve. YOU MUST GO THROUGH IT, YOU CAN DO IT!

Youth ages 13 - 40 you must pay your dues! No one comes to the construction site as a Master, you must first start as an Apprentice and work your way up the food chain of leadership. Although my activism started in 1996 I was licensed a Minister in 1998 (Bethlehem Healing Temple / 12 S. Oakley)...I currently serve as Ambassador of Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago and has been affiliated with Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago since 2007.

If you are a young leader looking for a platform to serve please consider the below Churches and Organizations:

West Side of Chicago:
@ClarenceStowers (twitter)
Mars Hill Baptist Church

@IraAcree (twitter)
Greater St. John Bible Church

@PastorHannah (twitter)
New Life Church

@BishopHermanJac (twitter)
Ark of Safety Apostolic Church

Rev. Marshall Hatch

Rev. Walter Jones

Downtown Chicago
DeAnna Sherman

South Side of Chicago
Diane Latiker

Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr.

Phillip Jackson

@drhoracesmith (twitter)
Apostolic Faith Church

@PastorHannah (twitter)
New Life Church

@CoreyBBrooks (twitter)
New Beginnings Church

@MichaelPfleger (twitter)
Faith Community of St. Sabina

@CharlesJenkins7 (twitter)
Fellowship Chicago

@om3 (twitter)
Trinity United Church of Christ

@revjamesmeeks (twitter)
Salem Baptist Church

@keepyoheadup (twitter)
Bethlehem Star M.B. Church

At the end of the day the number one place for at-risk youth, youth leadership and all leadership to be is Church. Especially at-risk teens, if you're an at-risk teen you should consider joining a Church - Church will provide you structure and positive role models of family. Join a Church ASAP! Just walk in any Church in Chicago and say "Jim Allen of Tha Movement University sent me".

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I'm asking all
Youth Leaders in Chicago,
let's help in this
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