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Pastors & Ministers: Chicago Defender

please click photo (Left to Right)
Ronald E. Childs (Interim Publisher/Executive
Editor of the Chicago Defender)
 and Jim Allen

Some of Chicago's Pastors and Ministers have agreed to ask their members to buy a Chicago Defender Newspaper every Wednesday. Often in Chicago we're bombarded with negative images of Black and Brown youth. The Chicago Defender is the opposite of what many have been falsely told about Black Chicago. The Chicago Defender was founded in 1905 which makes it over 100 years old.

please click photo
(Left to Right)
Bishop Roosevelt Watkins,
Ronald E. Childs (Interim Publisher/
Executive Editor) of the Chicago Defender

When one reads the Chicago Defender they'll get a bird's eye view of the World through the soul of Black excellence. The Chicago Defender covers World news, National news and Local News. Here's another fact, when you support the Chicago Defender you directly support the Bud Billiken Parade which is the largest and oldest African American Parade in the United States founded in 1929 by Robert S. Abbott who also founded the Chicago Defender in 1905.

So the next time you're at the corner store, gas station or downtown be sure to support the Chicago Defender. Make a habit out of supporting the Chicago Defender Newspaper by buying one every Wednesday.

Below are the Pastors' and Minister's
in support of the Chicago Defender Newspaper:
Rev. Clarence Stowers
Pastor John Hannah
Bishop Roosevelt Watkins
Rev. Cy Fields
Bishop Herman Jackson
Min. Darius Randle
Min. Kendra D. Spearmen
Rev. Joyceann Crump
Min. Tasha Gates
Rev. C.L. Brookins
Min. Wanda Norris
Rev. Ira Acree
Rev. Marshall Hatch
Father Michael Pfleger
Bishop James E. Dukes
Pastor Merrick Jackson
Dr. Darlene Allen Nickols
Pastor Chuck Rogers
Min. Melody Winston
Rev. Jacquie Lewis
Pastor Tim White
Pastor Corey Brooks
Rev. James Meeks
Bishop Larry Trotter

Rev. Joyceann Crump
and Jim Allen