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Obama shakes Castro's Hand: WHO CARES?!

During his appearance at former South African President Nelson Mandela's "Memorial Service" President Obama shook the hand of Cuba's President Raul Castro (brother of Fidel Castro). The question remains...who gives a damn?! The crazy conservative right-wing pundits and talking heads give a damn. In fact they've managed too make a great deal out of it.

Most Americans couldn't tell you anything about the United States of America and Cuba's past relationships, and or why sanctions have been placed on Cuba by the United States of America. This post isn't to rehash that history but rather to point out the frailties and hypocrisies of the right-wing conservative media!

President Obama and President Castro 

For one, former President Nelson Mandela was a man of peace, forgiveness and healing. I think he would of supported President Obama shaking President Castro's hand at his "Memorial Service". The Service was about Nelson Mandela not some stupid political silliness between two Countries.

For two, a handshake isn't an endorsement. In 2009 at the G8 Summit in Italy, President Obama shook the hand of President Muammar Gaddafi. In 2011 President Obama supported the removal of Gaddafi. So in short shaking hands mean absolutely NOTHING!

President Gaddafi and President Obama