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The NEW Face of Al-Qaeda

Osama bin Laden 
1957 - 2011 

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Osama bin Laden is dead so are many of his top generals. Although Al-Qaeda has suffered great loss relative to the war on terrorism, the international group is still alive and well. Al-Qaeda lives on in parts of the Middle East, Pakistan and Africa. Will Al-Qaeda successfully attack the USA again as it did on September 11, 2001?

I don't know if Al-Qaeda will ever be able to strike America the way it did on 9-11, however, the new Al-Qaeda is more sophisticated and intelligent. The ideology of Al-Qaeda has a different face than that of an angry (Black or Brown) Islamist militant. The new face of Al-Qaeda is Caucasian, has on a suit and attacks America via leaks of secrets leading to breakdowns in National Security. 

Julian Assange and Eric Snowden are the new face of Al-Qaeda. Their agenda is simple...leak classified documents, breakdown American/Western security so that militant Al-Qaeda knows where to strike! Confusion, chaos, dissent is what Julian Assange and Eric Snowden are all about! 

Julian Assange

Who is Julian Assange? He's an Australian Publisher, Journalist, Editor in Chief and Spokesman for Wikileaks which publishes submissions of secret materials that compromise the security of America and other Western Nations. Mr. Assange is hiding behind "Freedom of Speech and Press" although his actions are a great disservice to both. Lets face it, he's an intelligent well disguised terrorist.

Eric Snowden

Who is Eric Snowden? He's an American computer specialist and former employee of the CIA and former contractor of the National Security Agency. Mr. Snowden disclosed classified NSA documents that has been called the most significant leak in United States history! Eric Snowden is an intelligent modern day terrorist who hides behind "Freedom of Speech and Press". His leaks has laid American democracy on the altar of Al-Qaeda to be sacrificed!  

Are rich Al-Qaeda and Taliban symphatizers secretly funding Assange and Snowden? Doubt it not! As these two top Al-Qaeda leaders leak more compromising information who knows how safe America will ever be? America and the West has yet too feel the physical and military blowback as it relates to secrets being leaked. 

Prepare for the worst, 
be careful travelling overseas. Watch and pray!  

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