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The ASSASSINATION of Mel Reynolds

written by: jim allen

Around 3 months ago I was chilling at home watching Muhammad and Friends TV Show. The guest was former Congressman Mel Reynolds. Mr. Reynolds was being interviewed by Munir Muhammad. In the interview Mr. Reynolds spoke about helping Africa, and Zimbabwe in particular.

For years I've heard Mr. Reynolds who happens to be a graduate of Harvard University and a Rhodes Scholar often speak about the United States Government not wanting him in Africa helping with trade and economics but I could never understand why? Please click below LINK:

Was it because the U.S. Government was against the regime of Robert Mugabe former President of Zimbabwe? Was it because the U.S. wouldn't benefit directly or maybe because some in the U.S. Government simply detest Mr. Reynolds for his past indiscretions of which in 1995 he was forced to resign from Congress after being convicted of sexual assault, obstruction of justice and solicitation of child pornography?

"...Either way he's paid his debt to society 
by doing hard time for his crimes." 

The real question remains, why wont the U.S. Government allow this man to prospers and pursue happiness? In recent years after his incarceration Mr. Reynolds has been seen as a champion of investments, trade and economics in Africa. He was also involved in a 145 million dollar contract with Hilton Hotel and Offices to build a complex in Zimbabwe.

Nevertheless, some in Chicago who still believes Mr. Reynolds should be forever condemned for his past indiscretions sought to pull him back into the muck and mire he climbed out of. In 2013 Mel Reynolds decided to run for Congress after former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., resigned.

Standing in Mr. Reynolds way was Andrea Zopp former Cook County prosecutor.
Please click below LINK:

Zopp now President of the Chicago Urban League was instrumental in having Mel Reynolds investigated while he was over in Zimbabwe. Zopp has been after Reynolds since 1995. Please click below LINK:
She's been chasing him since 1995, she spoke out thwarts Reynolds when he decided to run for Congress and she was involved in his Zimbabwe investigation and scandal...sounds personal to me, IJS!

Needlessly to say Mel Reynolds was deported from Zimbabwe for being in the Country on an expired visa. The initial charge of pornography was dropped simply because they couldn't prove it. But those things were just minor moves taken to have him deported because the powers that be in Chicago and in the U.S. Government (Senator Dick Durbin) included didn't want him in Zimbabwe to begin with!

The smear campaign of claiming he had pornography was an attempt to link him to his past thus creating a smoke screen to the public eye, but we are the initiated, we aren't fooled by smoke and mirrors!

Now you have both sides, 
you decide on this issue! Do your research!