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The Political THREAT Of Tio Hardiman

Tio Hardiman and Brunell Donald has already made history be being the 1st African American male and female Gubernatorial Ticket in U.S. History. Tio Hardiman is former director of CeaseFire Illinois a violence prevention program headquartered at the University of Chicago. Brunell Donald is a lawyer, social and community activist who has worked along side some of the most prestigious social, educational and business leaders in Illinois.

In 2010 current Illinois Governor Pat Quinn narrowly defeated Bill Bradley by only 19,400 votes. According to many those votes came from the African American community in Chicago.

"Pat Quinn (D) 46.6% 
Bill Brady (R) 46.1% 

Bill Brady is a staunch conservative; however, the question remains if Mr. Brady wasn't so conservative in a Democratic State could he have possibly beaten Pat Quinn? The larger question remains, can Pat Quinn overcome the threat of Tio Hardiman and Brunell Donald? The campaign of Hardiman and Donald is picking up speed and has proven to be a major contender for the Quinn camp.

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We have yet to hear a solid plan relative to getting Illinois out of debt...what is the debt for that matter? Can any of the candidates put in layman's terms what the debt is? According to Illinois State Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka in 2012 the State of Illinois had $4.25 Billion in unpaid bills, when one factor in other bills the figure is closer too around $8.5 Billion.

I think Hardiman and Donald at least deserve to be heard especially since they're the only ticket along side Governor Pat Quinn on the Democratic side. We can no longer afford to freely give our votes away. We deserve the opportunities of hearing all the candidates. If you desire to learn more about the Hardiman and Donald Campaign for Governor please click the above website. Also attend their upcoming meeting at

Sankofa Cultural Center 
Feburary 9, 2014 
5820 W. Chicago Avenue 
ASKING a Minimum Donation of 
(Free Food and Entertainment)

Don't forget early voting is March 3, 2014 
Democratic Primary Voting is March 18, 2014