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Bill Gates For President 2020

"New Order of the Ages!"

As the world turns we seem to be grid locked in ideologies from the past. Sure, certain things have changed relative to freedom and civilian rights; however, our politicians are still mentally living in the 60's and 70's! Yes, the United States of America has produced the 1st African American President (Barack Obama), and will probably produce the 1st woman President Hillary Clinton; however, our Senate and Congress remains to be ran by old school politicians who were around when John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Robert Kennedy were slain. They've been around since the attempt assassination of Ronald Reagan. We have old Senators and Congressman in support of the Confederate flag and proudly frequent restaurants and country clubs where the Confederate flag is visibly displayed.

As of now under President Obama our Congress remains locked out and locked down. The American people is losing hope in it's Government! We're seeing massive cuts, Government shutdown, lies and hate. The United States of America hasn't been this segregated and separated since the days of the Civil War. We have Republican Governors rejecting federal assistance for their States, why? Because a Black man is in office. We have Republican Governors rejecting the Affordable Care ACT, why? Because a Black man initiated it even though it was modeled after former Republican Governor Willard Mitt Romney of Massachusetts!

"...our agenda as the illuminated ones
is to move our Country forward!

Where do we go from here as a Country? Do we elect another Clinton (Hilliary), do we elect another Bush (Jeb), or do we move towards more progressive, younger leadership? I say we elect Bill Gates (President) and Mark Zuckerbeg (Vice President) of the United States of America. Why? Its simple, they've already benefited the World in serious ways. They're both billionaires which means they know how to generate finances, both are great managers of people.

I'm sure politics may not be in their thoughts right now, but I'm asking they reconsider! We need them to take our Country out of the dark ages of political racism and seclusion. We'll give Hillary Clinton the Presidency in 2016, but in 2020 let's elect Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg President and Vice President of the United States of America!

jim allen