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Black Daughters ABUSED by their Mothers.

Many thanks to President Obama and his My Brother's Keeper initiative. Programs across the country are focusing on the systemic poverty and violence of at-risk Black and Brown young men. However, there's a group being left out. That group is Black women ages 21 - 40.

A lot (not all) of Black men ages 21 - 40 were abandoned by their fathers. A lot of Black women (not all) ages 21 - 40 were abused by their mothers.

When I say abused I mean verbally and physically. The abuse isn't getting any better, I've personally heard mothers in their 50's brag about how they physically and verbally abused their daughters as if it was an honorable thing.

"How many times have you seen Black mothers ages (21 - 40) on facebook fighting or at times punching their daughters 
in the mouth?" 

The abuse of Black women ages (21 - 40) by their mothers is a taboo subject and will only be discussed if a woman trust you enough to tell her stories of horror, pain, and abuse. I know we must focus on at-risk Black and Brown youth but at the same time we must focus on broken Black women ages (21 - 40) as well. We're losing a generation of girls to abuse and violence. Something must be done.

I'm humbly asking Churches to focus on healing broken Black women ages (21 - 40). Listen to their stories, hear their pain...they need clinical, psychological and spiritual help. Will you help?

Of course we must forgive; however, we must deal with this issue head on. Many Black mothers' ages (21 - 40) are repeating this vicious cycle of horror, pain and abuse. A generation of girls are being told you're a whore, bitch, trick, loser. We must attack this at its roots. If you're guilty of this viciousness please seek help immediately.

Click below LINKS of Black mothers beating their daughters.
I see LINKS like this all day on facebook.
Mothers' look to be in the age bracket above:

In Chicago we're working on a program called
"The Broken Cup Initiative"
the program is designed to reach
broken Black women ages 21 - 40
for purposes of healing.

jim allen