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Pray For Pastor Charles Jenkins!

UPDATED: APRIL 17, 2014 / 6:16PM
Rickey Smiley apologizes to
Pastor Charles Jenkins.
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UPDATED MAY 6, 2014 
Pastor Charles Jenkins 
MISTRESS speaks out!
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A photo of Pastor Charles Jenkins has surfaced showing him completely naked from head to toe with a tooth brush is his mouth. Of course we here at Tha Movement University isn't going to display the photo as other sites already have. The alledged woman behind the photo is supposedly a disgruntled ex employee.

Our prayers and sympathy goes out to the Jenkins family and Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church of Chicago. Hopefully the woman in question will be served cease and desist papers as well as charges brought upon her seeing that Illinois is a State where released to the public of unconsented sexual photos are a CRIME!

"...Was Pastor Jenkins in a sexual relationship with the supposed alledged woman, 
was she extorting him? Who knows, and mostly important 
mature people really don't care! 
That's a matter GOD, Pastor Jenkins and his wife has to deal with!" 

Lastly the operator of the site Obnoxioustv should remove the photo as well. That's not journalism nor is it professional. You are just as gulity as the woman who leaked the photo! Then you turn around and ask people to follow you on twitter @WilliamGMcCray how disgusting can one be to take a sensitive matter, make it worse only for twitter followers and blog hits! You should be ashamed of yourself bruh! Real Black men don't do shit like that!

UPDATED: below is a picture of Pastor Charles Jenkins and William G. McCray. This picture alone shows how vile Mr. McCray really is! You mean to tell me you actually know of Pastor Jenkins and still released a picture of him naked to the public?! You're a disgrace to media, journalism and your race!
"Hey Mr. many pieces of sliver 
were you paid to crucify Pastor Charles Jenkins?"

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conversation with William G. McCray
why did he leak the photo to the
World Wide Web?

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