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Rickey Smiley Apologizes To Pastor Charles Jenkins

Known comedian Rickey Smiley's staff published a post on his website that had a link showing a nude photo of Pastor Charles Jenkins. Mr. Smiley contacted Tha Movement University via twitter and has apologized. He didn't know the link actually led to a nude photo of Pastor Charles Jenkins.

Mr. Smiley also asked Jim Allen of Tha Movement University to let everyone know he loves Pastor Charles Jenkins and for TMU to pass along his message. Below are tweets from Rickey Smiley.

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    I didnt at all know it was up on that link at all, and I apologize to all who was hurt by this. Love Pastor Jenkins

Wanna thank Mr. Smiley for doing the right thing! We're still demanding William G. McCray remove his post that is being filtered as a link to other websites! It's illegal to publish photo(s) of someone without their consent in an extortion and/or bribery attempt. Its also DEFAMATION of CHARACTER and distasteful. No one knows why William G. McCray decided to do what he did, but we all pray he does the right thing apologize and remove the post. Hopefully Comedian D.L. Hughley will remove the post as well. Much LOVE to you Rickey Smiley, stay blessed dear brother.