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Who Killed Mario Hess "Big Glo?"

Some on the South Side of Chicago and throughout the underground rap world are mourning the demise of one Mario Hess also known as Big Glo and Bloodmoney. He was an up and coming rap artist who recently signed to a major record label. Mr. Hess was hit by gun fire over 10 times according to several other news outlets.

Sources say he was on 56th Street and Elizabeth Avenue when two gunmen started firing shots at him and another man with him. So far police have no leads; however, the streets are talking and many are asking is this retaliation for the murder of Lil JoJo a Chicago rapper who was beefing with Chief Keef. Interesting to note Mario Hess/Big Glo is the cousin of Chief Keef.

"...last year around Christmas time (2013) 
Chief Keef tweeted his album was going to 
raise the murder rate in Chicago". 

But is there a bigger plot in play...are record labels such as Interscope, and even famous individuals such as Soulja Boy (SODMG Records) indirectly involved as it relates to signing hardcore killers to their record labels? On twitter if one looks up the hashtag #BloodMoney you'll see good and bad comments about Mario Hess. A couple of comments have been made by @LilSycoSODMG many of his comments link the murder of Mario Hess as retaliation for the murder of Lil JoJo. Click below picture...

Nevertheless, there is no proof or connection LilSycoSODMG has any knowledge of who killed Mario Hess. The streets are saying this is a feud between misguided, renegade factions of the Black Disciple Nation and the Gangster Disciple Nation. 

Chief Keef and his associates are supposedly Black Disciples. Lil JoJo (Rest In Peace) and his associates are supposedly Gangster Disciples. This isn't your average drug war! This is rich, misguided gangsters with high powered weapons trying to take each other out for the title of King Rapper of Chicago; however, after the music stops playing the bodies are still in the casket! 

"...supposedly Soulja Boy is a Gangster Disciple!"
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Who can forget factions of the Gangster Disciples warning rap superstar Rick Ross? Months later his car was shot up with him inside...Click below Link:

The funeral of Lil JoJo was paid for by Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose who is also a former Gangster Disciple, which means the gang war on the South Side of Chicago is going to take Urban Translators such as Wallace "Gator" Bradley, Jim Allen, Nobel-Ameer Ali and many others to fix!

Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls Superstar 

Will the Summer of 2014 be the worst Chicago has ever seen? Will the thug music of Chief Keef actually incite gang violence and raise the murder rate in Chicago? Will record labels continue to sign thugs to their labels to exploit their pain in order to sell more records? Will record labels continue to fund known gangster rappers who in turn fund the drug game in Chicago? Will more young Black men continue to think they can join gangs, go to jail, sell drugs, shoot at people and become a famous rap superstar? Guess we'll have to see! 

(Left to Right) Chief Keef, Lil JoJo

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