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I'm BLACK And I support Donald Sterling!

written by: 
jim allen

Can you imagine your private conversation about your pastor, boss, wife or friends being made public? I mean...hell, you personally think your pastor is a crook, you think your boss is an asshole, you think your wife has gotten to got damn fat and you envy your friends because they have better lives. However, this doesn't mean you don't wanna be around them or that you meant half the crazy stuff you said about em'!

Can you imagine the horror, the shame of someone you trust secretly recording you telling them your wife doesn't know how to give a good blowjob and then making the recording public?! This is America where we once had SLAVES. Where White women couldn't vote or own property. Where Jim Crow (legal segregation) was the law of the land. Of course we've made great advances, but the history of our darkness is still ever present in our bright future. Our E Pluribus Unum will forever be intertwined with racial slurs and jokes!

I think Donald Sterling was simply showboating to his mistress. I think he didn't want her around Black men because Black men have big penises and he didn't want her getting a hold of one she couldn't let go. LOL! I think Donald's statements were meant to scare her not cause a proverbial Race Riot. I don't sincerely think the Donald actually hate Black people, hell, his entire team is Black and the coach is Black!

In this time of pseudo post-racial Barack Obama era anything that gets said relative to Color of skin is exaggerated and blown out of proportion. Should Donald Sterling be kicked out the NBA? Hell no! Should he be fined? Yes!

"...Should your wife divorce you for thinking she bites more than she sucks? Of course not! Should your boss fire you for thinking he's an asshole? No! Should your pastor stop praying for you because you think s/he is a crook? Nope! Should (some) of your friends dump you because you envy their lives? Nah!"

Its time we grow up! Leave Donald alone and let the man live...GEESH!