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Hip Hop, Dope, President Reagan "YOUNG NIGGA MOVE THAT DOPE!"

"...the proliferation of crack cocaine in the Black 
and Brown ghettos of America was nothing more
than a sideshow and sacrifice. Black life wasn't 
taken into consideration nor was it valued!" 

The guy who brought us the international song "HAPPY" has a song promoting drug dealing called "Young Nigg Move That Dope". As African American men across America continue to be locked up at alarming rates its really unfortunate well known Hip Hop Artists would encourage at-risk, fatherless Black young men to sell dope! Where's the outrage over this diabolical song?! Then again who cares about niggas in the ghetto selling dope, who cares of nigga crack babies, who cares about drug lords and drug wars?!

Jay Z calls himself a 
product of Reaganomics 

The image of former United States President Ronald Reagan in this video is directly linked to the Reagan Administration and the CIA allowing drug trafficking and the proliferation of crack cocaine in America and South America in order to fund the Contras. Many Hip Hop Artists, including Jay Z praise former President Ronald Reagan for allowing drugs to enter the inner cities of America (crack cocaine boom of the 1980's!) Click below LINKS:

The Black Man was enslaved by the White Man in America. The Black Man freed himself from that slavery only to be deceived by his own brethren promoting a system that keeps Black men locked in prison and caught in the doors of recidivism!

"Young nigga move that dope! 
Move that dope till you're locked 
in prison for life! Move that dope 
till your communities are filled with 
poison! Move that dope till you 
end up dead!" 

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