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Founded in 1909 by 4 Caucasians and 2 African Americans the NAACP has done amazing things as it relates to human rights, civil rights and women's rights. This post isn't meant to be a didactic history on the NAACP; however, it's meant to spark thought and dialogue.

For years I've wondered why won't the NAACP tap a Caucasian as its National President and CEO? I'm not all that familiar with the NAACP's newest President/CEO Mr. Cornell William Brooks, but I honestly was hoping to see someone other than another African American lead this great historic institution.

Honestly I'd love to see an intelligent Caucasian woman highly educated in economics, preferably a Rhodes Scholar lead the NAACP. This isn't to say a Caucasian man wouldn't bring me jubilation as well. As African Americans we can't only desire corporate employment and high government positions without allowing others beside our own Race and Color to lead major Black institutions.

We have an African American President of the United States of America, a Black 1st family living in the White House. Would of been refreshing to see a Caucasian President/CEO of the NAACP! Maybe one day in the near future my dream will come to reality...

jim allen