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Pastor Charles Jenkins MISTRESS Speaks OUT...

Mundi Griffin 
(this photo was publicly 
released by Mrs. Griffin)

The mistress of Pastor Charles Jenkins candidly speaks about her affair with Pastor Charles Jenkins to blogger Rae Lewis-Thornton. The interview is raw yet a bit confusing. For instance the claim of clergy abuse as it relates to Pastor Jenkins having an affair with Mundi Griffin that allegedly lasted for 8 years in my personal view shouldn't be considered clergy abuse but rather two consenting adults hooking up and having sex.

The steamy details make good for lunch time conversation, but it also touches on several other topics. In the interview Mundi stated she was married at the time of her affair with Pastor Jenkins. She also stated her marriage was over when it began, her husband didn't know what to do with her. Not really sure what that means? Because her marriage was failing the reason she was open as it relates to being pursued by a man of power? Be that as it may, the reality remains both parties were married.

I personally think Rae Lewis-Thornton blew an opportunity to empower women with Mundi's story, she blew the opportunity of providing restoration, instead she gave personal details that only made Mundi seem ambitious and desperate. Example, what woman in her right mind would carry on an 8 year affair with a married man? I sort of see why Delta Sigma Theta canned Rae Lewis-Thornton as an honorary member, lol! Girl you start too much ISH! Just kidding Rae, got nothing but love for you boo. Click below LINK:

"...young boys sexually abused by Priests 
is clergy abuse, but are grown women who 
voluntarily participate in sexual acts with Pastors 
considered clergy abuse as well or
are we dealing with misuse of power, malpractice?" 

According to the interview Fellowship paid Mundi Griffin 106K yearly for her services. What isn't clear is how many years was she paid over $100,000 was it for the entire 8 years of their affair or a couple years towards the end? Questions, questions, questions...what made this beautiful ivy league graduate think Pastor Jenkins would leave his wife which means possibly losing his job as Pastor to be with her (Mundi Griffin)?

How did Mundi plan on breaking the news too her husband its over she plans on being with Pastor Jenkins (wishful thinking)? Then there's the naked photo that was leaked to ObnoxiousTV which is a blog un-associated with Rae Lewis-Thornton. According to Mundi she didn't leak the nude photo, so who did? It's interesting and puzzling. The photo was leaked, now comes Mundi Griffin's whole truth interview.

"did Mundi feel the need to leak the nude photo thus 
damaging Pastor Jenkins reputation because the affair
was revealed and she was fired?
Or was she a woman scorned because Pastor Jenkins
made her promises he didn't keep?" 

One thing I don't agree with is lambasting Mundi Griffin for what happened, nor am I judging Pastor Jenkins for his actions. The shame behind this affair is equally distributed; however, in the midst of emotions and finger pointing only Mundi and Pastor Jenkins know what they shared. They shared intimacy, they shared time, they shared moments that can NEVER be erased from their minds...they shared each other for an alleged 8 years. That's a long time for anyone too say the affair meant nothing. At the time to them their union meant more than we'll ever know.

Mundi Griffin 

Wanna thank Rae Lewis-Thornton for interviewing Mundi Griffin. Wanna thank Mundi for giving her side and version of her truth. The question remains where do we go from here? Women are going to continue to sleep with Pastors - Pastors (not all) are going to continue to make sexual advances towards women outside of their wives.

How does the church as a whole plan on dealing with this issue that has been going on for decades? How do women arm themselves from Pastors who prey upon their weaknesses or in a sense use their charisma and authority to entrap them? There's a POWERFUL book I've read years ago titled "When A Man of God Hurts You". I think church leaders and church members should purchase the book, study it, and develop platforms for women to speak and empower one another.

click below link to order book:

We pray for the total restoration of Mundi Griffin, Pastor Charles Jenkins and their families. At the end of the day this isn't about name calling or placing blame. We've heard both sides, saw the ugly details, laughed and cried at this story of tragedy and hope. This is NOW about moving forward, healing and being better than we were. 

We're all Mundi Griffin!
We're all Pastor Charles Jenkins! 
Their story is our story. 
Their pain is our pain.
Their triumph must 
become our triumph. 

Mundi's interview w/ Rae Lewis-Thornton can be viewed by clicking below link: