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PLEASE Support Black Wall Street Chicago

(left to right) 
President Barack Obama and Mark Allen

When you mention the name Mark Allen in Chicago peoples' faces light up with hope...hey, I know that brother. I worked with him on this project. Yeah, I know him as well I worked with him on that project. Mark Allen is an over 40 year community organizer and veteran activist in Chicago. He's worked with Rainbow Push Coalition, South Street Journal Newspaper and various organizations to didactic of a list for me to mention. He's personally worked with Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., and now President of the United States of America Barack Obama.

"...Mar Allen is a blogger 
with Chicago NOW!"

A true brother of the TALENTED TENTH that has taken his skills and talents to create, develop and implement an economical apparatus in the Black community. Mark Allen (no relations to the famous Jim Allen of Tha Movement University) is humbly asking all to support National Black Wall Street Chicago by donating any amount to their great organization. Many thanks for your support! Send donations to the address below!

National Black Wall Street Chicago 
4655 S. King Drive (suite 203)
Chicago, IL 60653