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Jim Allen, President & Founder of
Tha Movement University 

"Why should you support Tha Movement University
Its simple, we're on the cutting edge of fighting 
against gang violence and bullying of all sorts." 

Written By: 
Cherish Jackson 

In 2013 Jim Allen lost his job because he stood up for a young Caucasian man who was being discriminated against by Black co-workers simply because of his Race and he was mentally challenged (Autism). Jim Allen would watch  this young man be teased, things thrown at him, and co-workers purposely taking their lunch breaks around the same time he took his break so they could aggravate him and make him upset. Time after time his parents were hauled into the front office to discuss their son, they had no clue their son was being bullied EVERYDAY. He couldn't express and/or articulate what was happening to him. As time went on 'Jim Allen said the hell with this!' He sprung into action, spoke up for the young man, spoke up against those who were bullying him. However, as they say no good deed goes unpunished. Jim Allen was soon taken off 1st shift, the same shift the young man was on. He was placed on 2nd shift and was treated like unfairly. His work load increased, he was alienated. This went on for months. Nevertheless, Jim Allen said "I don't regret my actions! I will do it all over again if I had too!" The young man who was bullied suffered PTSD behind the incidents but has bounced back. His treatment and work environment is much, much better.

"As Leader of Tha Movement University, Jim leads by example. 
Although he lost his job he'd still do it all over again because that's 
the foundation Tha Movement University is built on!" 

When Oak Park, Illinois was being terrorized by a cold blooded thug who was robbing seniors and women it was Tha Movement University who offered 5K dollars for his capture. We passed out thousands of flyers of the robber's profile and makeup. Our efforts were instrumental in shutting him down. Click below link:

When the City of Chicago was searching for a Police Superintendent it was Tha Movement University who was contacted by Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism for our views on who the next Police Superintendent of Chicago should be. Our guy isn't the Superintendent but he's the Deputy Superintendent...not bad huh? Click below LINK:

When the City of Chicago was searching for a Mayor after former Mayor Richard M. Daley announced his retirement it was Tha Movement University who stood with Rahm Emanuel and supported his candidacy way before his residency issues. Click below LINK:

It's no wonder Tha Movement University was named HOME TOWN HERO by a radio station in another State! Our reach is global. We have over 300K views on our blog and our President and Founder has over 2 MILLION views on his google site. Please click below LINK: HOME TOWN HERO

Tha Movement University sprung into action when Pastor Charles Jenkins was taking all sorts of hits over a leaked nude photo on the world wide web. It was TMU who changed the conversation and dialogue. Leaking a nude photo of someone in attempts of receiving a bribe is called "Revenge Porn!" TMU was instrumental in bringing redemption and balance to that particular situation.

PLEASE CLICK PHOTO: What's been said about 
Jim Allen and TMU? Click PHOTO!
 TMU has helped many 
politicians, businessmen, and children.Our President 
and Founder was honored for 10 years of volunteer 
service to Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago 2014

The above are just a few small things our President and Founder Jim Allen and Tha Movement University continues to do for people being bullied or suffering abuse on a daily basis. Some of what we do is public and others are private. Tha Movement University has served as a THINK-TANK for years! Many organizations, groups, universities and individuals come to our site for inspiration, news and guidance. Support us by continuing to share our BLOG which is the hottest in Chicago.