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Chiraq and ISIS

June 21-22, 2014 saw 6 dead and over 20 shot in Chicago where some are calling this great City (Chiraq) because of the murders and shootings that are more frequent than those in war torn Iraq. Is there a solution is what community residents are asking? In certain neighborhoods of Chicago all one hear are police and ambulance sirens just about every other 10 minutes.

The situation is dire in neighborhoods and communities such as but not limited to: Austin, Roseland, Lawndale, Auburn Gresham, Little Village, Garfield Park, Pilsen, Back Of The Yards, Humboldt Park and Grand Crossing. The insurgents/gangs have completely taken over as they rule the above areas through brute force and fear.

It's a cultural disease known as code of silence by use of fear tactics the insurgents have wroth on the community. Many pastors and community activists are doing what they can but the situation calls for more specialized skilled training from law enforcement. Many are calling for the NATIONAL GUARD, but I think what's needed is a more strategic approach. The CIA and FBI along with other law enforcement intelligence is needed.

I say the CIA because this force we're fighting thwarts uses 3rd World war tactics and guerrilla warfare. Intelligence must be gained relative to breaking this domestic threat down and eliminating it. The insurgents have sworn their allegiance to their perspective gangs, thus they are not American citizens and are not covered under the American Constitution. These are urban terrorists and enemy combatants of law and order!

This violence is an epidemic of great proportions! We need State and Federal Hearings on the violence in Chicago which is the murder capital of the United States of America! No child deserves to grow up in fear, no child deserves to not be able to play in their backyard or at the local park because of fear of being killed. Something must be done, not now, but RIGHT NOW! Gang tactical unit must be reassembled, stiffer punishments for war crimes thwarts American citizens.

jim allen