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Has Gangster Rap DESTROYED The Black Man?

Lets not get it confused... Gangster Rap and Hip Hop are two different genres of music. Hip Hop promotes diversity, swag, overcoming the hood, being successful and conscious of one's being within the great scheme of things. Gangster Rap on the other hand is just that (Gangster Rap). Its an art form that promotes drive-by shootings, promiscuity, street gangs, racism, misogyny, sex, drugs, violence and homophobia to name a few.

Gangster Rap was born in the 1980's around the same time crack cocaine hit the ghettos' of America. In the 80's the main voices of Gangster Rap was Schoolly D and Ice-T, however, Gangster Rap was popularized by a group called N.W.A. (Niggas With an Attitude). In the 80's N.W.A. rapped about all things ghetto pertaining to the Black community and as people were being hooked on crack cocaine, N.W.A. was promoting the sell of crack cocaine with hits like "Dope Man" among many others.

The late 80's saw a rise in a young, talented, tongue twisting brother named DJ Quik who rapped about Compton and the ghetto in general. The 1990's saw the rise of Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., and others. By the time of the mid 90's Black men had no problems calling a woman BITCH even if that woman was the mother of his children. But before Gangster Rap could totally change the mental paradigm of the Black man he was first influenced by R&B and Hip Hop.

Groups like New Edition, Guy, Mint Condition, Jodeci, TLC, Rude Boyz, Color Me Bad, Black Street, Black Stone, Sub Way, SWV, En Vogue, Tony Toni Tone, Boyz 2 Men and individuals such as Babyface, Gerald Levert, Toni Braxton, Bobby Brown, Keith Sweat, etc., were positively impacting the Black man's mind with songs of love, faith, hope, being a family man, being a provider, being faithful was dominant in the Black man's psyche. Then came Gangster Rap telling the Black man "you're a sucker for acting out what R&B and Hip Hop is promoting...f*ck these ho*s! These bit*hes ain't sh*t but h*es and tricks!"

Black men went from New Jack Swing an era of fun, education, swag and coolness to Gangster Rap a mentality of steal, kill and destroy. This isn't to compare what Heavy Mental and/or Rock-N-Roll did too White children in the Suburbs. Gangster Rap is the only genre of music that claims to live what it speaks.

"We ain't no motherf*cking studio gangsters, 
nigga we gangsters for real"
- Tupac. 

If the music reflects reality then why are Gangster Rappers rich and their listeners are mainly poor? What has Gangster Rap done for the achievement of the Black Race in the United States of America as a whole?

" Chicago, 
Gangster Rap has caused the demise of many 
up and coming Rappers who felt the need to diss one another 
in an attempt of scoring a record deal like Chief Keef and Lil Durk".

Years ago the rapper Nas said Hip Hop is dead... I agree! Hip Hop (Abel) was killed by his brother Gangster Rap (Cain). Only the gods of lyricism can raise Hip Hop back to a state of consciousness, but where are those lyrical gods at and do they have the master's grip needed to raise the consciousness of a subculture that's telling at-risk and confused Black men "young nigga move that dope?" Pharrell, Pusha T and Future.    

Whats worst to the Black community, the emergence of crack cocaine or the emergence of Gangster Rap? Do Gangster Rappers have to continue promoting gang banging, drug dealing and murder for their albums to sell meanwhile Black youth are taking their words literally and dying in Cities like Chicago, Compton, New York, Boston, etc., because after all they said i.e. Gangster Rappers they are living everything they rap about? Of course parents play a role as well, but what is Gangster Rap responsible of relative to the psyche of the Black man in the United States of America?

What do you think...has Gangster Rap DESTROYED the Black Man?

jim allen