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Iggy Azalea: The NEW Queen of HIP HOP!

You heard it here first,

Iggy Azalea will be the our newest Queen of Hip Hop and she was almost crowned last night at the BET Awards (June 29, 2014) held at the Nokia Theatre; however, the gods at BET didn't see fit to crown this beautiful 24 year old Australian Artist just yet.

After receiving her 5th straight BET Award for best female Hip Hip Artist of the year Nicki Minaj went into a silly rant about some mystery person not writing their own material as if we all didn't know who she was referring too? That only proves Nicki is feeling intimidated by the presence of a younger up and coming Artist on the horizon hailing from Sydney, Australia.

Nicki Minaj (31 years of age) has reigned as the best Hip Hop Artist according to the BET Awards for five straight years, she's not getting any younger and her lyrics, career as well as content isn't evolving the way MC Lyte and/or Queen Latifah lyrics, career and content evolved. As Lionel Richie said during his speech "soul isn't a color, its a feeling!"

Being Queen of Hip Hop isn't a color, its a feeling! Its time Hip Hop produces more female MC's from different Countries around the World. I wanna hear about stories through Hip Hop from female MC's from India, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, South America, Asia, Palestine, Israel...I wanna hear their pain and successes through music.

"...Hip Hop is about changing a culture through revealing 
the good, the bad and the ugly yet in a way that glorifies
success, hard work and education! There's a difference 
between Hip Hop and Gangster Rap! Hip Hop isn't 
and never will be Gangster Rap. Hip Hop promotes 

Tha Movement University crowns 
Iggy Azalea as Hip Hop's newest 

jim allen