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Open Letter To Chris Hayes

Chris Hayes

Hello Mr. Hayes,

I watched your reporting and segments on violence in Chicago which I believe aired June 25, 2014 on MSNBC. I respect you as a journalist, reporter and TV personality. Actually, I watch your show quite often. Your light as a reporter is growing brighter and brighter each day. I remember in the past seeing you as a guest on the Rachel Maddow Show and thinking this guy needs his own show. He's intelligent, smart, funny and quick witted.

However, your Show on violence in Chicago sort of rubbed me the wrong way. I'm not doubting your statistics or your theories, nevertheless, violence in Chicago is more so sectarian then it is some blind, senseless phenomenon that came out of a big bang. Sure Race and Color are parts of Chicago's poverty line which in some cases could lead to criminal activity, but that's majoring in the minor. The biggest problem is crack cocaine which some believe the Government under the Reagan Administration allowed to freely flow into Black and Brown communities in the 1980's as a sideshow to fund the Contras.

Be that as it may it still doesn't excuse Black men voluntarily selling crack cocaine to their fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. I grew up in the Chicago Housing Authority projects and witnessed Black men become millionaires selling crack cocaine and other drugs. I personally saw various drug areas make over 20K a night. Therefore it is my belief violence will cease in Chicago (in Black and Brown communities) when men stop selling poison, learn a trade and become fathers to their children.

Click photo (Rainbow Push Coalition) 
marching thwarts violence in Chicago

In your Show you indirectly gave the impression the Mayor of Chicago and the Chicago Police Department are dazed and confused relative to handling violence in Chicago. You indirectly gave the impression the Chicago Police Department lies about its numbers and figures (homicides) which leads to the imagination of what else will and/or are the Chicago Police lying about?

"Your claims the West Sides and South Sides 
of Chicago are angry with Mayor Rahm Emanuel 
are false and disingenuous!" 

It is in my view I think you made a bad situation worse in a public sense. What I mean is you gave an EXCUSE to those who say "Don't trust the police! Never snitch! The police doesn't like us! Code of silence! The Black/Brown community are the way it is because of the Government!" Your reporting gave validity to a small group of pseudo activists in Chicago who never wanted Rahm Emanuel as Mayor in the first place. A pseudo group of activists who are stuck in the 1960's and are against the progression of this great City. A pseudo group of activists who use Race as an excuse to commit crime and undermine the agenda of the Mayor of Chicago!

"...your bias reporting on the violence 
in Chicago just may have economically 
hurt our City from trade shows,
visitors and tourists!"

Too top it all off you didn't give any solutions to the violence in Chicago. You didn't give honor to Chicago leaders who make a difference thwarts violence on a daily basis such as but not limited to: Tim King, Founder of (Urban Prep Academies), Pastor Jedidiah Brown (Young Leaders Alliance), Phillip Jackson (Black STAR Project), Rev. Darius Randle (Young Leaders Alliance), Pastor Corey Brooks (Project Hood), Diane Latiker (Kids Off the Block), Ronald Holt (Purpose Over Pain), Father Michael Pfleger (St. Sabina Church) and Tha Movement University.

I think you owe the Mayor of Chicago and the Chicago Police Department an apology as it relates to how you portrayed their leadership abilities in making the City of Chicago a safe place to live and visit.

Jim Allen 
Tha Movement University