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PLOT TO KILL Chicago Activist Jim Allen

Harold Davis Jr and Marc Sims 

After I told the world how to catch a wolf and how to lock up rapists and senseless killers via an interview I did on a syndicated radio show, please click below link: I came under fire by idiots who desire to see Chicago in chaos such as: Mark Carter, Queen Sister, Paul McKinley and Harold Davis Jr., in the above video at around 5:59 into the video you'll hear Harold Davis Jr., talking about your's truly.

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Mark Carter, a guy who has made a living off of busting into meetings of senior citizen politicians is the ring leader of this madness thwarts me. Mark claims to be an activist but no one really knows what he's fighting against or for. Mark is the main reason Todd Stroger lost his Cook County Board Presidential seat after he and his sidekick Paul McKinley handed out the below RACIST flier that went viral and was carried by all major news networks in Chicago and even seen in major Chicago newspapers. The flier made Todd look like a RACIST even though he didn't approve of the fliers, Mark and Paul passed them out anyway!
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Mark Carter is also upset I support Rahm Emanuel as Mayor of Chicago. Mark Carter then jumped out of a car out the clear blue with his crew and filmed me. His desire was for the YouTube video to lead to my demise. He hoped gangs would see his video and kill me. Check the video: the video was then given to Queen Sister of whom posted it on her YouTube page.

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Queen Sister created a fake facebook page of me with all kinds of malicious claims. I guess Paul McKinley, Mark Carter, Queen Sister and Harold Davis Jr., had serious issues with me working with law enforcement to eradicated the ghetto of rapists and senseless killers? Since 2010 until now I remain in a constant war with these clowns and their affiliated networks. They love to anonymously post silliness on all of my blog posts. They love to call private and make death threats. I just simply laugh because I know one on one I'll kick their asses!

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These clowns have made a living off the ghetto by promising poor people jobs, having them assemble and protest against organizations and individuals they know nothing about. The poor protesters have no clue Mark, Paul and Queen "Pissy Hat" Sister are paid to have them show up in droves screaming and looking like idiots. That's their con-game, to deceive would be politicians into thinking they i.e. Mark Carter and Paul McKinley can bring out the youth vote, ex-convict vote and hip-hop vote to the polls when in fact they're only bringing out a few crack heads and low life thugs who aren't gonna vote and in most cases aren't registered to vote. 

Mark Carter and his crazies use to pull up on construction sites and threaten the construction manager into hiring his buddies even though his buddies didn't have the skills or experience to work, hell most of them don't even have a G.E.D., let alone a certificate in masonry, plumbing or anything pertaining to the construction field.

"...could someone please tell 
these cowards Jim Allen fear 
no man but GOD (Exodus 15:3)?!" 

After Mark and Paul was exposed for extortion attempts they then somehow crept into Todd Stroger's campaign and was awarded illegal contracts. Click below LINK: The funny part is Carla Oglesby went to jail but Mark Carter didn't, wonder why? Oh, he turned states on her. LOL! 

Now-a-days Mark, Paul, Harold and Queen Pissy are broke and out of work. I honestly don't believe they ever had real jobs to begin with. I'm willing to bet neither one can produce a W2 dating from 2000 to 2014. Maybe Harold Davis Jr., can produce a W2 with his wacky farming program but the other three...well, you already know! 

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It is because of uneducated fools such as: Mark Carter, Paul McKinley and Queen "Dirty Saucer Hat" Sister Chicago lost the bid for the 2016 Olympics. When the "Olympic Committee" came to Chicago to visit they were met by dumb ass wanna be activists Mark Carter, Queen Sister, Paul McKinley and a bunch of ignorant protesters screaming "Chicago isn't safe, Derrion Albert was murdered here, no to the Olympics!". These clown fools thought they were hurting former Mayor Richard M. Daley when in fact they only harmed the South and West Sides of Chicago from getting jobs and contracts! They used Derrion Albert's tragic murder to convince the "Olympic Committee" Chicago wasn't a safe place to have the Olympics. This is what happens when ignorant people are allowed to be a so called voices for the poor. Click below LINKS:

These dummies were so busy fighting short term battles against former Mayor Richard M. Daley to the degree we lost the long term economical war of having the 2016 Olympics that could of benefited Black and Brown communities! 

"...the sad part of it all is the 2016 Olympic Games would of been a nine year contract. Black and Browns could of been working for nine years, but no, stupid people wouldn't allow it too happen!" 

The coalition of No Games Chicago was spearheaded by a few liberal Whites and a few stupid small minded Blacks that included Mark Carter and Paul McKinley as their point men relative to bringing out ignorant protesters to greet former Mayor Richard M. Daley and the "Olympic Committee" in screaming NO GAMES! 

In the below footage you'll see Mark Carter stupid black ass on the stage screaming "No Games!" How can these stupid so called activists fight against Chicago receiving one of the biggest contracts in it's history?! Click below LINK:

jim allen