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Put The Guns Downs Concert 
June 14, 2014 (7PM)
Olympic Theatre 
2137 S. Lombard Ave.
Cicero, IL 

Wanna thank the thousands of followers of Tha Movement University for always remaining loyal to our blog. This just in from a couple of reliable sources that work the gritty streets of Chicago. The concert scheduled for June 14th by Chief Keef and GBE is being targeted by a vicious group of paid killers. The target is Chief Keef and anyone connected to his GBE family.

The killers were told to be at the concert 30 minutes before it starts and to leave the concert 30 minutes before it ends. The plan is to surround the concert on the outside. The mission is to kill Chief Keef and any members of GBE.

Someone has put 100K on Chief Keef's head and many are stepping up for the bounty. I'm humbly asking all parents to please keep your children home. I'm asking all young men to please not attend this event unless Chief Keef allows law enforcement to have a serious presence in, around and backstage of his event. If not then please do not risk being shot!

I really don't know how large the Cicero, Illinois police department is but they better be prepared because this isn't a joke. If  they aren't prepared this just may be the worst evening in Cicero, Illinois recent history. I trust my sources and I trust the information that was given to me. Hopefully this post will detour the killers but if not just know you been WARNED!

UPDATE JUNE 11, 2014 
Chief Keef concert CANCELLED 
after security concerns. Please click 
below link:,0,547678.story

Jim Allen
"I told you all this threat was real.
My goal in exposing this attempt murder
was so that Keef and his fans would be safe!"