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Violence In The Black Community

The violence we see in Chicago and even on the Internet via clips of young Blacks fighting each other, (knock out game), etc is solely the product and failures of Black men around the Nation. When men make babies and disappear chaos then becomes the step-father of their children. Of course I'm speaking of Black men on the lower levels of society which sadly to say are the masses relative to statistics.

Black men on the lower levels of society i.e. drug dealers, gang bangers, criminals have allowed themselves to be caught in the doors of recidivism at alarming rates. They'd rather sell drugs and gang bang then get a legal job or learn a trade. These men aren't fit to be fathers, but what is a woman in the ghetto to do when her environment is filled with these type of men?

Then there's the negative impact of gangster rap that supports and reinforces negative behavior through music and songs, example please click link: the encouragement of drug dealing. In order to sell drugs one must be apart of a street gang and we all know what street gangs do. They shoot and murder in order to control their drug areas.

This is what the Black man of lower society is caught up in. He wasn't raised with a father so he care nothing about being a father. He cares nothing about having 4 and 5 baby mommas! He cares nothing about his children growing up without a positive male role model! Honestly the only thing he's good for is making babies, killing innocent people and sex.

" apart of your children's lives. 
take them to the park. spend time 
with them. tell em' you love them.
do something!" 

The only way to turn the tide of violence in Chicago and around the Nation is for men to step up and be fathers, especially in the Black community! Brothers', its high time you all step into manhood and stop being immature. You're to old to be selling drugs, this isn't the 1990's! Get in school, learn a trade, do something because right now you aren't contributing to society besides making more and more babies to be on welfare or to be aborted!

jim allen