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Who Are Chicago's DUMBEST Activists?

the FLIER that got poor Todd FIRED!

Chicago has some of the most DUMBEST activists in the United States of America. Below is our list of crazies. Pretty sure this may piss a few people off but hey, thank GOD for freedom of speech and expression. Feel free to comment below :) 

Coming in at #1 is Mark Carter- this little black poodle has made a name for himself for threatening senior citizen politicians and busting in on their meetings just to get a few views on YouTube. Mark has never had a real job besides a bogus contract he received as the head of Carla Oglesby company of which Carla went to jail while Mark is free. Sources tell us Mark turned states on Carla and had that poor single mom locked up. Mark and his crew of ex-cons use to roll up on construction sites and beat the manager into hiring his crew of ignorant thugs who have no skills in construction what so ever. After Mark was discovered of doing such actions he went underground. Mark was one of the main voices behind the NO GAMES movement that thwarted Chicago from receiving the 2016 Olympics. Mark was also a voice crying against Rahm Emanuel becoming Mayor of Chicago simply because Rahm is a Jew and Mark is a Black Nazi. Some how Mark became involved with Todd Stroger's campaign. Mark created a group called SOLDIERS 4 STROGER. This group of uneducated men passed out over 500 thousand racist fliers that went viral and was seen on all Chicago's major news networks and in Chicago's major newspapers. The flier alone sunk good ole Todd's campaign ship. Nowadays Mark has nothing to do besides call WVON1690AM and complain about the White man holding him down. Please click LINK:

Coming in at #2 is Paul McKinley- this clown is the sidekick of Mark Carter and was present just about every time Mark high jacked meetings of real politicians. Paul was also a main voice in the NO GAMES movement that thwarted Chicago from receiving the 2016 Olympics. Paul ran for Congress as a Republican and actually won the primary, I mean hey...only 10 people voted so of course his chances of winning was obvious. Needless to say Paul got mopped during the general election. Paul is now somewhere in a mental institution looking out of a window wondering what his name is? 

Coming in at #3 is Queen Sister- this nutcase was so upset she lost her aldermanic bid against incumbent Alderman Carrie Austin to the degree she actually stood outside of poor Alderman Austin's house calling her all kinds of names but a child of GOD. No one knows why the Queen wears a toilet seat around her head, sources say she stole it from the dollar store. Queen Sister, Mark Carter and Paul McKinley were on TV quite often a couple years back trying to get Rahm Emanuel knocked off the ballot. Queen Sister said "the million man march produced nothing but brothers on the downlow!" From what I hear the Queen has bought herself a new hat and is trying to better herself. She'll be starting school soon in pursuit of her G.E.D. 

Coming in at #4 is Harold Davis Jr.- At one point Harold was so fascinated with the Jackson Family to the point he made mock funerals of Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr! Good ole Harold is a regular speaker on a CANTV show that airs on Sundays. You'll find Harold on there speaking the last 3 minutes of the show...I guess because light skin, pretty boys have to wait their turn? Harold is one of Chicago's biggest conspiracy theorist. His rants and comments are pointless and lack facts! Check out the mock funeral of Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr., created by Harold Davis Jr., and tell me if this fool hasn't lost his got damn mind?! Please click LINK:

Coming in at #5 is Clifton Bradley- this confused soul made the list because of his ignorance relative too filming Queen Sister as she verbally abused a sitting Chicago Alderman and Grandmother directly in front of her house. Cliff, that was a dumb move my brother yet you continued to film and then put the footage on YouTube. Stop allowing yourself to be a conduit of stupidity. Cliff needs to keep his mind on creating a better show besides his wacky CANTV underground railroad silliness! Please click LINK:

Coming in at #6 is Karen Lewis- her legendary disrespect of the Mayor of Chicago has caused the Chicago Teacher's Union to be marginalized and blackballed. She's viewed as an educated troublemaker. Sources on the street tell us Karen is thinking about running for Mayor of Chicago. Hopefully those sources are wrong! Under Karen's watch over 50 Chicago Public Schools have been closed and recently over 1000 school teachers were cut. But this Karen's fault? Of course it's not her fault solely; however, Karen lacks the respect needed to even compromise and/or negotiate with the Chicago Public School Board or with Mayor Rahm Emanuel! Karen is only using the Chicago Teacher's Union as an easel for her own personal gain. She's better off as an activist who screams in meetings instead of a Teachers Union President. Karen should quickly resign so someone with better sense can rise up and better lead represent the Chicago's Teacher's Union. It's nothing personal Karen, I actually find you very attractive... Please click LINK:

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Well, there you have it! The DUMBEST activists in Chicago. Be sure to click below LINK as well: