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YLA: Taking The Streets of Chicago


Once again members and associates of the Young Leaders Alliance are taking back the streets of Chicago and providing hope to neighborhoods/communities struggling with drugs, senseless shootings, youth and gang violence. On June 17, 2014 the YLA took to the gritty streets of Altgeld Gardens to march, protest and demonstrate the best Chicago.

"Pastor Jedidiah Brown and Darius Randle 
are the new Civil Rights leaders so desperately
needed in Chicago for such as time as this!" 

Many neighborhoods and communities are asking YLA to come to their areas. I wanna thank Pastor Jedidiah Brown and Minister Darius Randle for continuing to press forward even in the midst of the folly of low-class wannabe community activist such as but not limited to: Mark Carter, Paul McKinley and Queen Sister who tend to write silly comments under each positive post in hopes of stopping these two young brilliant activists.

If you desire Young Leaders Alliance to come to your neighborhood or community please follow their Facebook page by clicking below LINK: