2014 / Who Are Chicago's BLACK Leaders?

Where are Chicago's Black leaders?! The Black leadership of Chicago isn't doing anything for the community is what those who aren't in the mix and are disconnected are saying. Of course if you're not in the mix and disconnected it seems there isn't any Black leadership in Chicago; however, looks can be deceiving. 

Below is a list of Chicago's BLACK leadership. It's our hope those on the outside will stop acting as free agents/free radicals and join one or more of the Black leadership organizations, initiatives or groups listed below. 

Please click LINK: http://www.rainbowpush.org/

Please click LINK: http://www.kobchicago.org/

Please click LINK: http://www.purposeoverpain.org/

Please click both LINKS: https://www.facebook.com/CHICAGOWESTNAACP and 

Please click LINK: http://www.valeriefleonard.com/

Please click LINK: http://www.projecthood.org/

Please click LINK: http://www.urbanprep.org/

And a list of Black politicians providing leadership as well as Pastors! Contact your Alderman and join their Democratic Ward Organizations! Contact your States Representatives and Senators and join their Task Forces and Initiatives! 

Illinois House Legislative Black Caucus 
click below LINK:

Chicago Alderman Black Caucus 
click below LINK: 


Until you have joined and worked with ALL the above and can't find any solutions is when you have the right to say there is no Black leadership in Chicago! Until then be silent, humble yourself, stop reinventing the wheel and become a true TEAM player. 

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jim allen