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Are BIG Churches ((KILLING)) Small Churches?

In the mid 1990's there was an explosion of BIG BOX, MEGA Churches in the United States of America, especially within the African American community. Most of these churches are centered in poverty stricken areas surrounded by high crime and drug dealing which makes them all the more appealing relative to offering an alternative to the madness of urban life.

Is there a science behind building a big box, super mega church? I ask is there a science relative to the fact just about everything we do is centered around science, rather politics (political science) or our everyday habits (social science). Is there a science behind building a huge church and does that science intentionally /or/ unintentionally involve taking members from smaller churches?

"...are we witnessing the DEATH 
of storefront Churches?" 

Are we seeing the "Death of the Storefront Preacher" as s/he continues to lose members to more attractive and bigger churches? Can smaller churches thrive and survive or should they close up and merge their congregations with the big box, super mega churches?

What do you think,
please feel free too comment below?

jim allen