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Chicago Police Lost It's Morale?

Morale- the confidence, enthusiasm and discipline of a person or group at a particular time.

In early 2011 Mayor Rahm Emanuel hired Garry McCarthy (a veteran officer of the New York and Newark Police Departments) to head the Chicago Police Department as it's highest ranking officer, Superintendent. Since Mr. McCarthy's time in office homicides seemed to decline until several news agencies reported those numbers were manipulated and homicides were classified as other types of crimes thus theoretically dropping the homicide rate.

Tha Movement University talked with a few Chicago police officers who didn't want to be named and what we discovered was startling to say the least. According to some of the officers we spoken to the morale of Chicago police officers are at an all time low. "You thought our morale was down under Jody Weiss, well, it's ten times that under Garry" is what one officer said with tears in his eyes.

From what we were told, Mr. McCarthy's pressure and almost superhuman high demand of district commanders is extremely stressful causing commanders to in turn put those same superhuman demands on Sergeants and Beat Officers. Officers claimed of being at the brink of committing suicide and suffering from PTSD due to their rigorous inhumane treatment.

"In sports when a team isn't performing 
the team isn't fired, the coach is usually fired".

"We're not allowed to talk to the press about how we feel. We can't show emotions or the public we'll think we are weak, but on the inside officers are mentally and physically suffering" is what another officer said. Of course we all know being a Chicago police officer isn't for the faint of heart. One has to be tough and prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice on a daily basis.

I asked a couple officers would Al Wysinger be a better choice? They all agreed yes! The reason they agreed Al Wysinger would be a better choice is because he has the respect of Chicago police personnel, he also has experience as a district commander which gives him a certain insight of the terrain. "Al Wysinger knows how to move resources from one district to the next, he knows how to deal with dissident officers. He's one of us" an officer said.

So why wont the Mayor of Chicago hire a Superintendent from the ranks of the Chicago Police Department, why continue to hire outsiders who have no human resource skills relative to paying his dues and coming up through the ranks of the Chicago Police Department? The answer is startling, Tha Movement University was told the Chicago Police Department is under FEDERAL investigation due to inside corruption of cops working for street gangs, John Burge fiasco, and other high crimes and misdemeanors. Click below LINKS:

My friends, the Chicago Police Department may never have one of their own as Superintendent due to decades of corruption (not by all cops) but by enough to the degree the Department remains under federal investigation and until the investigation is over Superintendents' for the Chicago Police Department will continue to be outsiders of whom federal investigators feel aren't tainted by corruption.

Nevertheless, at the risk of low morale and Superintendents who lack the respect of district commanders and officers is one hell of a risk to take! After two outsiders as Superintendent I think it's time federal investigators re-examine this practice. Every organization, department, agency, etc., are gonna have corrupt and dissident employees; however, in the case of the Chicago Police Department it's a difficult case to sort out. If the Mayor of Chicago desires to see homicide rates plummet pragmatically, than Al Wysinger a man free of corruption and vice should be the next Chicago Police Department's Superintendent. He'll reform and reinvigorate the Chicago Police Department which will restore respect for Chicago police officers among themselves and in neighborhoods and communities.  

jim allen