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Has 1390AM Blackballed Rev. Charles Jenkins?

Pastor Charles Jenkins 

April of 2014 a story and nude photo of Pastor Charles Jenkins appear all over the Internet shaking the Christian world to its core. Not again, not another Pastor caught in a scandal is what many were hoping and praying, but it was. This time it was Rev. Charles Jenkins a prominent Pastor on the South Side of Chicago.

His song AWESOME won all kinds of awards including a Grammy, but as the saying goes "no good deed goes unpunished" in other words when good is done, the devil is ever present to accuse and punish the doers of good. Rev. Jenkins is yet fighting for his life relative to building trust from his congregation and friends in ministry.

THE QUESTION however is has 1390AM blackballed Rev. Charles Jenkins song "Awesome?" If you listen too 1390AM like I do and I do quite'll discover the song Awesome hasn't been played in a few months. Seems like right after the scandal 1390AM stopped the song from it's playlist. Below is 1390AM playlist, you'll notice Awesome isn't in rotation anymore. Please click below LINK:

But why - why stop playing a song that has blessed THOUSANDS of people throughout the Country? Are the staff and management disappointed in the right Reverend, if so should a personal feeling about someone be just cause not to play such a powerful song? If the man's wife and family has forgiven him then who the hell are we not too forgive him?

It's not right and it's not fair! Total hypocrisy, Tha Movement University demand the song AWESOME be put back in 1390AM playlist!

jim allen