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DESTROY ISIS in the United Kingdom!

James Foley murdered by a British religious
fanatic of ISIS! 

We now know the man who beheaded American journalist James Foley is a British radical Muslim who goes by the name John! The British government has authenticated this animal and know exactly who he is. Tha Movement University is demanding the British government to DESTROY the idiotic pseudo Muslim sect known as ISIS within its 16 realms and beyond!

"...if you live in the United Kingdom and you 
see or hear anyone talking about joining ISIS 
or any radical jihad groups please contact 
the police and your government officials! 
ISIS is a threat to FREEDOM OF 


From July 22, 2014 to August 20, 2014 more than 100 views of this site Tha Movement University came from the United Kingdom. We're asking all in the United Kingdom to report all members of ISIS to your local government officials and police! This cruel and demonic organization must be stopped! We're also being told ISIS is attempting to unite with Mexican drug lords, if that's the case they might as well prepare to die because the great giant America has awoken and she shall stomp her enemies and grind them to dust!

"We're also asking all gangs in the United Kingdom
and in America to NOT became sympathizers of ISIS!" 

To you young Brits and those in the United come from a rich history of Kings and Queens why debase yourselves by joining radical animals and rapists who cloak themselves under the disguise of a religion that promotes peace?! You're better than that, don't disgrace your family by converting to any jihad, radical, murderous group claiming to do the work of GOD, JEHOVAH or ALLAH! If so you will eventually die and burn in hell with Hitler and all those who kill innocents! PLEASE CLICK BELOW LINK:

Jim Allen