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Negro League (BASEBALL) Chicago Legend

(Left to Right) Ray "Boo Boy" Knox and Jim Allen

The man I'm standing next to is a legend. His name is Ray "Boo Boy" Knox, he's 82 years old. He played baseball in the Negro League for the Chicago American Giants and the New Orleans Eagles. He was a Catcher. The Negro League had nearly 70 teams at that time the Major League had only 16 teams. Also, 6 White men and 3 Black women played in the Negro League. Know your history, be proud to be part of a Race that has overcame amazing odds. Been knowing Mr. Knox for 5 years, what an AMAZING guy of manhood!

If you desire for Ray "Boo Boy" Knox to speak at your engagement please contact him at:

Ray "Boo Boy" Knox 
P.O. BOX A3738
Chicago, IL 60690-3738
CELL: 312/859.7788 
FAX: 208/247.0934