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What Do Women Want?

What do women want? Sure...I know what women need, but I have no clue what they actually want. Just as most men I know whether from the gritty streets to the downtown suites doesn't have a clue what women want.

This doesn't mean men do not care what women want, it means men simply don't know what women want. Our parents teach us as little boys to be a provider and protector but those are things women need; however, the question is what do women want? What makes a woman happy and satisfied in her life and/or relationship? 

"...what do women need emotionally, financially, 
spiritually, sexually, mentally, and socially?" 

Find out by attending our panel discussion titled "What Do Women Want?" Be sure to invite your family and friends. Below are pictures of our Panelists and Host.

October 4, 2014
10 AM
5130 W. 25th Street 
Cicero, Illinois 

Jerelyn Porch:
Poetess and Public Speaker,
Cocktails and Conversations,
Alpha Kappa Alpha, INC.,
Elmhurst College,

Janella Curtis:
Public Speaker and Politician
Chicago State University,
Candidate for Alderman 21st Ward,
Community Outreach Coordinator and 
Chair of the LSC at Paul Cuffee Elementary School.

Sylvia Snowden:
Public Speaker and Correspondent, 
Six Brown Chicks,
Alpha Kappa Alpha, INC.,
University of Missouri-Columbia.

Hosted By: 
Jim Allen