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Black Leaders (SUPPORTING) Bruce Rauner

In the hot contested race for Governor of Illinois there are several outstanding African American leaders supporting candidate Bruce Rauner. Please click all pictures below for a better view. In my personal opinion I sincerely think Bruce Rauner is a better fit for African Americans. I think as a businessman he'll create more job opportunities for all, and for Blacks in particular. I'm voting for Bruce Rauner and so should you. 

Check out the below 
supporters of 
Bruce Rauner!  

Pastor Corey Brooks 
New Beginnings Church of Chicago 

Dr. Willie Wilson 
Millionaire Businessman and Philanthropist

Minister Jim Allen 
Activist, Blogger, and Medical Advocate

Hermene Hartman 

Pastor Stephen Thurston 
New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church 

Pastor James T. Meeks 
Salem Baptist Church of Chicago 

Pastor Larry Trotter
Sweet Holy Spirit Church

Pastor Marshall Hatch
New Mount Pilgrim M.B. Church

My friends...there are many others as well in full support of Bruce Rauner. In this Gubernatorial Race we must focus on the (PERSON) and not the (PARTY LABEL). Many are fooled into thinking every Democrat should be elected simply because President Barack Obama is a Democrat. 

That's unwisely, we must look at each individual case by case. For me Bruce Rauner has always supported Black issues and causes, not too say Gov. Pat Quinn hasn't, but too say Gov. Pat Quinn is a decent social leader; nevertheless, with Illinois in the shape it's in financially we need a leader in business and that's what Bruce Rauner provides!


As an African American man knowing that under Gov. Pat Quinn, Black contractors only receive 1% of State contracts also Black men in Illinois have the highest rates of unemployment in the Midwest of the United States of America is disgusting and unacceptable! We cannot afford to give someone who treats Black folks in such a manner 4 more years! 

Yup! Under Gov. Pat Quinn's leadership! 

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