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Date Chicago's Professional Black Women!

Jasmine V. Turner, Founder of
Black Match Made

Jasmine V. Turner was born and raised in Dothan, Alabama and is an alum of Grambling State University she serves as founder of Black Match Made which is Chicago's elite match making service dedicated to helping black professionals find their SOUL MATE. 

Black Match Made has a specialized 1 on 1 match making mechanism that makes the experience personal, comfortable, and confidential! Each client receives their own personal recruiter partnering with them to help them meet their match.

After noticing the difficulties black professionals faced when looking for long-term, committed relationships, Jasmine decided to use her experience in recruiting for corporations and colleges to help other professionals like herself meet their soul mate. 

...I have 6 figure guy friends who are always looking to find someone on their level. They complain to me all 
the time 'hey Jim, where are all the 
successful, professional women at?'

Black Match Made is a God send for professionals tired of seeking compatibility at random sites that oftentimes are to general which can lead to wasted time, energy, and ultimately frustration. With Black Match Made the client is able to pinpoint their interest in a more timely fashion. 

Trust me, I have many 6 figure friends who aren't on social media...they don't do facebook, instagram, twitter, etc., these guys are extremely successful but have no clue where to look as it relates to finding a professional woman that suits their taste. Black Match Made gives them the opportunity to find a great woman in a professional setting. 

"My 6 figure guy friends always ask me where 
can I meet a woman who has similar to what I have so 
that we can build an empire together?"

I encourage all to try Black Match Made by clicking 
the below LINK: