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PLOT to KILL Pastor Corey Brooks


A hideous plot by some fanatical ruffians has taken physical form. Pastor Corey B. Brooks also known as the "Rooftop Pastor" after spending months throughout the bitter winter season in Chicago on top of a dilapidated motel on the South Side that housed pimps, drug dealers and prostitutes. Pastor Brooks took a stand by living on top of the roof of the motel day and night raising awareness of the diabolical and unlawful things that went on inside the motel. His bravery garnered National attention eventually leading to the motel being shutdown, and the land being purchased by Pastor Brooks and his church to turn it into a Community Center. 

Pastor Brooks is well known for his skill in gang violence prevention, he's even worked with Chicago rap star Chief Keef relative to the rapper changing certain aspects of his lifestyle. Pastor Brooks has conducted many community STOP THE VIOLENCE marches on the South Side of Chicago and is an intricate part of Steve Harvey's Mentoring Program in Chicago.

Pastor Brooks along with many other religious leaders on the West and South Sides of Chicago decided to support Bruce Rauner for Governor of Illinois. Although many other religious leaders are supporting Mr. Rauner, Pastor Brooks is one of the most high profile supporters which has lead to him being targeted. Pastor Brooks has been receiving threats thwarts his life and the life of his family since he decided to support Bruce Rauner for Governor! Not even a week ago his church was vandalized and broken into! 

My friends, as someone who received death threats for years because of my stance against political thugs such as Mark Carter, Paul McKinley, and Queen Sister...I (Jim Allen) can attest to the mental and physical stress it can cause! This isn't to say the 3 knuckleheads I mentioned above have anything to do with threats thwarts Pastor Brooks and the vandalizing of his church; however, it is their method of operation in times past. 

Our deepest prayers are with Pastor Corey B. Brooks and his family as they pick up the pieces and move forward. No one should be harassed, intimated, and or threatened simply because of their political or social stance! This is America not some communist country and we will not be intimidated! The work goes on, the cause endures, and the dream shall never die! 

Below are excerpts from 
Pastor Corey B. Brooks facebook page:

Brothers and Sisters -
As many of you know, I decided to take a stand for the black community in the upcoming election by publicly supporting Bruce Rauner to be our next governor.
Not everyone agreed with my decision, including some of you within our congregation, but everyone respected it - until yesterday.
Yesterday I received a number of phone calls making death threats against me and my family vowing to hurt our church. Then, last night, our church was broken into and vandalized.
Today, I'm going to show our community the damage and share with them the threats I've received. We'll start on repairs -- not just the structural ones that are easy to fix, but the spiritual ones that are going to take some time - and I'll pray for the people who did this.
I've been standing up to this type of violence and intimidation tactics for years - and not once have I ever been threatened or our church damaged. This is a sad day for our community when we get intimidated for speaking from our hearts, but this much is for sure - no matter how many threats they make or how much damage they do, they're not going to shut me up. They call me the Rooftop Pastor for a reason - and I'll shout from every rooftop in Chicago until our community gets the message: we need jobs, we need opportunity and we won't be taken for granted any longer.
At Peace,

A reporter asked me, "what have I learned through all of this?" I have learned that:
People, even Christians will Label you in order to Limit you, Define you in order to Confine you. They will call you everything but a Child of God, like:
Sell Out
Two Bit Hustler
Con Man
Nigger - Nigga - Nickaa - House Nigga
Devil - Beelzebub - Diabolos
False Prophet
Uncle Tom
White man's boy
*Dick - Cunt - Bitch - Asshole - Motherfucker - Pussy (*language disclaimer)
All of which I've been called over the last 2 weeks, and I'm sure there's more...
But when you know who you are (Corey B Brooks) and whose you are (Jesus Christ), all these other names don't matter!
When people don't know you, they tend to believe what other people say about you and what other people call you. What have I learned? well, in the words of my grandfather, "It's not what they Call you but what you Answer to!"
Have a blessed and joy filled day.