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A GREAT Church on the West Side of Chicago

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There's a wonderful church on the West Side of Chicago called Greater St. John Bible Church. The Pastor is Rev. Ira J. Acree. Rev. Acree is one of the most prominent pastors of the West Side of Chicago and is well known for his ability to build strong men and families. 

Rev. Acree is also an Activist, his activism has changed the conditions of many communities of the West Side of Chicago. Rev. Acree is on the front lines fighting for at-risk youth/young adults as well as single family households while maintaining strong families and building strong men. Greater St. John Bible Church has been a blessing not only to the Austin community but indeed the entire West Side of Chicago directly and the City of Chicago as well. 

"...Church is more than just a place to go. 
It's a place to worship GOD, 
meet new friends and neighbors, 
enjoy great Gospel singing, hear the 
word of GOD for our lives. 
Church is necessary if you plan on living 
a whole and purposeful life".

Lives are being changed. Drug dealers and prostitutes have become working class citizens. Greater St. John Bible Church has been instrumental in awarding College Scholarships to members of the community. All are invited to attend Greater St. John Bible Church rather you're trying to turn your life around or if you're a professional looking for a great Church to attend centered around family and strong men. 

For those looking to fellowship and worship early you should consider attending the 8:30am Early Morning Service which is refreshing, awesome, upbeat, anointed, powerful, and has great praise and worship with an inspiring word from Rev. Acree. You'll have the rest of the day for yourself and your family. If you work on Sundays or want to attend service but still be able to make it home to watch football, I strongly suggest you attend the 8:30am Early Morning Service.