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Designs by Dhona is the PERFECT GIFT!

Meet Dhona Sanders Williams a native of the South Side of Chicago and graduate of Lincoln Park High School class of 1981, she also attended Western Illinois University where she pledged Q-pearl. In 2002 Dhona moved to Minnesota, she's a faithful member of Shiloh MB Church in St. Paul, MN where her Pastor is the great Rev. Dr. Steve Daniels. 

"...Dhona is married to her long time 
best friend Edward C. Williams, Jr." 

Mrs. Williams is a full time Accountant; however, jewelry making is her passion thus she founded Designs by Dhona which began in 2005! What makes Designs by Dhona different from the rest is clients can have their item(s) custom made, the company also offers jewelry re-design and repairs. 

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Designs by Dhona uses only the best stones, gems, metals, and other fine materials which is why her clientele base continues to grow. 

There's nothing like seeing a well dressed woman, smelling good and has on a nice pair of custom made earrings, bracelet, or necklace. Men are attracted to the beautiful intricate details of a woman and Designs by Dhona gives women the edge when it comes to their accessories and confidence. 

Another great thing about Designs by Dhona is their website which is easy to navigate and place orders. Great products and services to enjoy. The Holiday Season is upon us, someones Birthday is coming soon, or its your Pastor's or 1st Lady Birthday celebration...if you order a specially made gift from Designs by Dhona your gift will never be forgotten!  

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