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2015 Aspirations, Goals, and Resolutions


After the singing, dancing, and toasting ends you must have a PLAN in order to be successful in 2015. Remember this is an odd year and odd numbers are divine. GOD rested on the 7th day (odd number). Jesus rose on the 3rd day (odd number). 

2015 is the year of completion so be bold in all your endeavors. Some of your Resolutions, Aspirations, Goals might overlap into other Quarters, that's fine. Don't be to hard on yourself; however, push yourself to be great! Be honest in all your dealings. Write the vision and make it plain! Habakkuk 2:2

2015 shall be a year of collective success 
thus you must be willing to make new friends, 
new connections, new networks. 
Be blessed and HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Jim Allen