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2015 Chicago Mayoral Race: 5 Debates!


Written By: Jim Allen

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has agreed to 5 debates squeezed into a 2 week period before voting. The first debate takes place Jan. 27 before the Chicago Tribune editorial board. Emanuel will debate his challengers Cook County Commissioner Jesus Garcia, Alderman Bob Fioretti, and Businessman Willie Wilson. Many are confused how Willie Wilson was chosen over Bill Dock Walls and Fredrick Collins?

The unfortunate underlining story is the racial divide within just about every race for the Mayor's office in Chicago. Every four years the Black, White, and Brown community produces a so called candidate for Mayor. This election cycle Bob Fioretti is the White candidate. Jesus "Chuy" Garcia is the Hispanic candidate. Willie Wilson is the Black candidate.

The racial undertones within this particular race is completely disgusting. Sure, Blacks want the glory days of Harold Washington back. Sure, Hispanics want a Mayor sensitive to their issues; however, we need a Mayor for the entire crayon box and not for one color only! Many in the Black community are wondering who made Willie Wilson the front-runner among Black candidates especially seeing he entered the race late?

Many (not all) in the Black community are saying had Wilson not challenged and eventually knocked Amara off the ballot she would of been a better representation of Black folks and their issues. Mr. Wilson doesn't have the support of leading Black social and political organizations in Chicago, nor Black radio stations and/or Black newspapers. Many (not all) fear Wilson will not only tank during the debates, but due to him being a political rookie he also won't be able to fully articulate Black issues and concerns relative to but not limited too: Public Safety (Black on Black crime), Education (over 50 Chicago Public Schools closed in Black and Brown communities), high numbers of Black teen unemployment in Chicago, Economics (Blacks only receiving 1 - 3 percent of City contracts).

This is an extremely important election cycle. Hopefully voters of Chicago will have a chance to hear and see all the candidates and their agendas. For more info about Chicago's Mayoral Race please click the below websites. Thank you.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Cook Community Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia

Alderman Bob Fioretti

Businessman Willie Wilson