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A slew of young Black political hopefuls have appeared on the scene to replace various well established Alderman in wards on the West Side and South Side of Chicago. A lot of these young whippersnappers have no political experience and/or political science education. It seems as if many of these young political hopefuls are using their political ambitions to enrich themselves. 

For example: every political rookie knows s/he is going to be challenged relative to the legitimacy of their petitions. They know damn well they can't afford an attorney for the challenge process yet they raise THOUSANDS of dollars from family and friends only to drop out the race and claim its because they couldn't afford an attorney. 

I'm starting to believe these guys are using politics as a new hustle to not only make a name for themselves but to also raise quick cash. It's called POVERTY PIMPING! Deceive your family, friends, and community into thinking you're actually running for office when in fact you are only raising funds to enrich yourself knowing you are going to drop out the race anyway. A great silver bailout parachute. Hell, it's a brilliant scheme if you are a decent fundraiser. You can make enough money to pay some bills, buy a new car, etc. 

At some point campaign funds on every level of government should be looked into. As of now we have gross abuses, mismanagement of funds, political deception, and the breaking of integrity.  

Jim Allen