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Willie Wilson, Rahm Emanuel, Bruce Rauner!

There's a huge conspiracy theory playing out on social media claiming the race for mayor of Chicago has been tainted by the late entry of multimillionaire Willie Wilson. Many of the African American talking heads are claiming on social media and talk radio that Mr. Wilson was planted into the Mayoral race to somehow benefit Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

The theory is based on old pictures of Rahm Emanuel and Bruce Rauner hanging out at a Wine Club they both are members of. The Wine Club is by invitation only and cost upwards of 100K to join. The name of the wine club is the Napa Valley Reserve. Conspiracy theorists are saying Rahm and Rauner are good friends, so are Willie Wilson and Rauner.

Thus since the 3 men are some what indirectly friends Willie Wilson entered the race as a stalking horse and is planted to benefit Mayor Rahm Emanuel into being re-elected. The whole theory is extremely silly, far fetched, and laughable to say the least. Just because someone share a fraternity and/or club membership doesn't mean they agree on social and political issues! Rahm Emanuel is a hardcore Democrat, as Bruce Rauner is a hardcore Republican.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, First Lady Michelle Obama, and President Barack Obama campaigned hard for Governor Pat Quinn to defeat Bruce Rauner in the Illinois Governor's race but were unsuccessful. So far the entry of Willie Wilson into the race for Chicago mayor has only benefited 2nd Ward Alderman Robert Fioretti who is also a candidate for Mayor of Chicago. Here's how, Willie Wilson challenged the petitions of Amara Enyia, she quickly dropped out the race and threw her support behind Alderman Fioretti.

Maybe just maybe Willie Wilson is in the race to knock Rahm out the box? We all know Rahm can be a bit much to handle which is why some say he was kicked out the White House simply because he's a maverick and hard-nosed politician. Bruce Rauner knows the toughness of Rahm and probably doesn't want to deal with him in a Governor/Mayor relationship thus sent Willie Wilson into the race to ensure Rahm is eliminated.

Willie Wilson isn't in the race to help Rahm, but rather to hurt Rahm. This is politics and membership into some exclusive Wine Club has no precedence over that. Willie Wilson knew Amara Enyia didn't have the funds to hire a lawyer to fight back thwarts his challenge thus he knew she would drop out the race and give her support to anyone but Rahm, which is why he challenged her. He knew Amara had a certain segment of the African American vote and he wanted that vote to go to anyone but Rahm Emanuel. His calculations were right. Just as Karen Lewis dropped out due to medical reasons and threw her support behind Jesus Chuy Garcia so did Amara Enyia drop out and throw her support to Alderman Robert Fioretti. Mission accomplished...

Do I think Willie Wilson believes he can win? Yes. He's a man of great faith so in his mind all things are possible. He's a successful businessman who has accomplished a lot with very little formal education. I also think he's an all around good guy. Does he have a political agenda? Yes! His agenda is to be Mayor of Chicago this way things would run smoothly for Governor-elect Bruce Rauner and his involvement in City contracts and governance. However if he does't become Mayor of Chicago his ultimate mission is to make sure Rahm Emanuel isn't re-elected.

"Willie isn't in this to help Rahm,
but rather to eliminate him!" 

Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Alderman Robert Fioretti

Jesus Chuy Garcia

Willie Wilson

Amara Enyia

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